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Charles Lewandowski, CFP®

Charles Lewandowski, CFP®

Financial Planner

  • 20+ years as Financial Advisor
  • 18 years as Financial Advisor
  • Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University
  • FINRA licenses 7, 63, 65
  • Florida Insurance License

My mother and father raised me and my two brothers in the New Jersey suburbs. My father gave me my first share of stock in International House of Pancakes when I was 12. That gift planted the seed that developed into my love for investing and financial planning.

I attended Rutgers University where I majored in Engineering and later received an MBA.

I met my beautiful wife, Lois, at Rutgers.

We were married on campus and remained in the area until we moved to Florida for a job opportunity. We have a daughter, Elizabeth, who also attended Rutgers and is married, and a son, C.J. who attended the University of Florida.

Executives and business owners work with me because I've been where they are. I get it!

As a former executive at two Fortune 500 companies, as well as a sole proprietor and entrepreneur, I believe the accumulation of wealth depends on a series of good decisions. I use all of my experiences - successes and failures - to help you achieve your goals and avoid mistakes along the way.

My personal and professional life experiences, combined with the knowledge acquired through required continuing education for my CFP ® designation, work together to bring out the best results for executives and business owners over the age of 50 who have investible assets over $500,000 and/or a net worth of $1Million.

You want to take care of your family and prepare for a great retirement, but managing a career, raising children, and caring for parents makes life too complex for a "do-it-yourself" plan. You're looking for a valued partner to provide guidance and advice and to be a member of your personal team of trusted advisors. You want to work with an advisor who understands:

  • Executive Compensation – Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Deferred Compensation
  • Retirement Plans – 401(k), Defined Benefit
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Education Savings Plans
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Social Security & Medicare Assessment

My Process

I had a boss who constantly said that “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. I agree! A financial plan is the starting point for a successful engagement with me. I use a Four Step process for financial planning.

  • Visualize Your Dreams
  • Embrace the Facts
  • Draw the Roadmap
  • Enjoy the Journey!

Each step incorporates portions of the CFP® financial planning process. Our relationship will begin with an in-person or virtual consultation to see if there is a good fit for our partnership. From that, I will provide a letter of engagement that defines the scope of our relationship.

The key to meeting your goals is having a solid financial plan, not just a financial product. The “Roadmap” we develop together is a formal plan that will become the basis for smart financial decisions that will fully fund your retirement needs.

And your personalized dashboard will allow you to track your progress and see your current numbers in real-time 24/7!

Next Steps

If you or your spouse are over the age of 50 and have investible assets over $500,000 and/or a net worth of $1 Million and you think that there might be a “good fit” between your goals and my services, please call to schedule an appointment. I would be very happy to meet with you, virtually or in-person, and provide more information that would help you move forward on your financial journey.