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1. Call or email West Coast Financial Group, Inc.

First, we need to get to know one another. Just jump over to our contact us page and give us a call or send us an email. After a preliminary discussion with one of our advisors, we can quickly determine if we can be of service to you.

2. Schedule an introductory meeting and initiate data collection

During your complimentary introductory meeting, we want to have a genuine heartfelt conversation to understand and gain insights about your family dynamics, current situation, future horizons, and your feelings regarding money and life. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about our firm’s operations and philosophy. This conversation will help us decide whether we are a good match for you. If there is a mutual agreement to proceed, we will need to review virtually all of your financial documents (i.e., investment statements, tax returns, investment and banking statements, insurance policies, employee benefits statement, key business agreements and personal wills and/or trust). Your advisor will then spend a great deal of time asking you questions to ensure that they understand your circumstances, priorities and values. Click on the link below and fill out our Confidential Data Questionnaire. All of this data will allow your advisor to develop a robust analysis of your situation and start creating a core set of recommendations.

3. Begin the financial planning process

As your planning work proceeds, your advisor will refine and review recommendations on all financial matters of concern to you. Through a series of meetings and conversations, they will focus on specific topics to ensure that every detail is adequately covered and that you understand the issues involved. They will provide you with a Financial Planning summary along with a new client folder to organize the material and information they share with you and to store the reports and analysis that will be updated as part of your review meetings.

4. Completing the process

We believe that the financial planning process is never complete. Life changes and circumstances change as well. As a result, your analysis will be updated and the necessary changes to your strategies will be made if needed. We look to enter into a long-term relationship, providing guidance so that as things change, you will continue to make the most effective decisions possible.