The Process

1. Contact West Coast Financial Group, Inc.

First, we need to get to know one another. Just jump over to our contact us page and reach out to us. After a preliminary discussion with one of our advisors, we can quickly determine if we can be of service to you and get you scheduled for a complimentary introductory meeting with an advisor.

2. Introductory meeting / Get to know you

During your complimentary introductory meeting, we want to have a genuine heartfelt conversation to understand and gain insights about your family, current situation, future horizons, and your feelings regarding money and life. You will also be able to learn more about our firm’s operations, advisors, and philosophy. This conversation will help us decide whether we are a good match for each other. If you are comfortable moving forward, we will proceed with a more detailed review of your financial situation. We will review your financial documents and then will then spend a great deal of time asking you questions to ensure that we understand your circumstances, priorities and values.

3. Analysis, Recommendation and Implementation

After this initial meeting our planning team will analyze your situation and then produce recommendations specific to you. Through a series of meetings and conversations we will help you understand and implement those recommendations and set your plan of action in motion so you can get closer to accomplishing your goals and dreams!

4. Staying the Course

We believe that the financial planning process is never complete. Life and circumstances change, as do goals and dreams. To help keep you on track we believe it is necessary to maintain a long-term relationship with you and your family.  We will meet or talk regularly to update your plan based on changing circumstances. Our goal is that through regular meaningful communication we can provide guidance so that as things change, you will continue to make the most effective decisions possible and accomplish all you set out to accomplish.