Investment Strategies

Disciplined Investing Pays Off!

Our advisors believe 90% of Portfolio return can be attributed to Asset Allocation and the other 10% can be attributed to Individual investment selection.

The idea behind asset allocation is that because not all investments are alike, you may be able to balance risk and return in your portfolio by spreading your investment dollars among different types of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives. Asset allocation or diversification don't guarantee a profit or ensure against a loss, of course, but they can help you manage the level and type of risk you face.

Different types of assets carry different levels of risk and potential for return, and typically don't respond to market forces in the same way at the same time. For instance, when the return of one asset type is declining, the return of another may be growing. If you diversify by owning a variety of assets, a downturn in a single holding won't necessarily spell disaster for your entire portfolio, however, diversifying also doesn't guarantee a profit or ensure against a loss.

Using asset allocation, our advisors can help identify the asset classes that are appropriate for you and decide the percentage of your investment dollars that should be allocated to each class (e.g., 70 percent to stocks, 20 percent to bonds, 10 percent to cash alternatives).

To implement a risk-appropriate and well-diversified portfolio, we have procured the companies and platforms to allow our advisors to build customized portfolios alongside asset management portfolios with Strategic or Tactical portfolio allocation options.

Key Benefits in choosing our advisors to help manage your investments include:

  1. Your portfolio will be built to suit your needs
  2. You'll receive high-touch client service to help keep you informed and comfortable
  3. You'll work with highly rated companies and invest with well-established management teams
  4. You'll get a coordinated and disciplined approach to your investment strategy
  5. You'll have competitive, transparent fees aligned to your interests (Typically .9% -1.5%)

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